Keeping an Eye on Buffet

Here is a man that I am always paying close attention to. Warren Buffet is the proverbial icon of investments. As you’ll see when you watch this video, titled Warren Buffet’s Financial Rules to Live By,  investing $1,000 with Warren Buffet in 1959 would have given you a return on investment of $25 million! Buffet mentions these key rules the average personal investor should abide by:

Buffet Golden Rule #1: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Buffet Golden Rule #2: Always look at how much the other guy is making

Buffet Golden Rule #3: Stay away from leveraging


Some other key things to note:

–       He says that the problems that you solved in the past are key in helping to solving the problems that you have today. This type of rhetoric can be applied beyond finance and into your daily lifestyle. While you may never experience the same problem twice, the method used to achieve success can often be repeated

–       On whether or not college education is important, Buffet asserts that any means in which you can improve yourself is a worthwhile investment

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