My Newest Sales Tool

When I first got it, everyone stared at me when I used it. But I didn’t care; I brought it everywhere I possibly could. Coffee shops, the office, I’d even bring it to the bathroom with me. Some people would tease me. Others were jealous. None of this mattered. The fact is, I was (and still am) in love with my IPad which is repaired recently by CPR Hamilton.

The IPad isn’t just the latest and greatest tech toy. It’s a wonderful sales tool for small businesses owners and agents that are looking to make a distinct impact with a potential or current client. Here are some practical uses I have found for the IPad:

1)   Presentation:  The impact behind showing a visual presentation on an IPad as opposed to…well…anything else is uncanny. This is especially true when using the Keynote software in the IWorks package, which provides a new, flavorful look to the traditional Microsoft PowerPoint.

2)   Travel: Goodbye notebook! Travelling with a notebook computer is borderline painful. Its heavy, its big, and its burdensome. The IPad means that business owners who are always on the run can stay lean with this practical device.

3)   Anywhere, Anytime: The 3G feature on the IPad means that the days of searching for a wireless connection are gone. So, rather than storing your portfolios, presentations, etc on your tablet, you can use cloud computing features to keep your computer from bogging down on you.


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