Are you working for your career ?

Whenever we engage new clients at Money Metrics with a financial planning strategy, one issue that always comes to the forefront of our discussions is the tenuous relationship between career aspirations and lifestyle preference. Many clients are looking to, at some point in their lifetime, begin to work AT their careers rather than FOR their careers. What’s the difference?

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Working for your career means that you are not working towards your highest purpose or passion. A person who is constantly working for their career finds that he/she does not have as much time as they would like to accomplish or participate in the lifestyle that they long to live in. While those who work at their career may be materially and financially well off, they are sacrificing personal happiness and freedom outside of their careers, often leaving family, hobbies, etc. at the wayside. A good financial plan will allow you to escape this and move towards a state of working at your career.

Working at your career means working towards a goal or cause that you are passionate about. This type of career relationship is defined by ones ability to successfully prioritize work schedules and projects to support the lifestyle that they are seeking to live out beyond their career. Whether your passion is your family, hobbies, or travel, everything that you do while working at your career is geared around your desired lifestyle. You are able to achieve a well-rounded lifestyle while working at your highest purpose or passion.


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