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Are you working for your career ?

Whenever we engage new clients at Money Metrics with a financial planning strategy, one issue that always comes to the forefront of our discussions is the tenuous relationship between career aspirations and lifestyle preference. Many clients are looking to, at some point in their lifetime, begin to work AT their careers rather than FOR their […]

Can You Buy Happiness?

Can you really buy happiness? Benjamin Watson doesn’t think so. Watson tried, tested, and disproved many of the most luxury products and destinations in the world for his keynotes address at the Technology Entertainment Design (TED) Conference in California. When you’re watching this video, keep in mind the notion being presented is that an item […]

My Newest Sales Tool

When I first got it, everyone stared at me when I used it. But I didn’t care; I brought it everywhere I possibly could. Coffee shops, the office, I’d even bring it to the bathroom with me. Some people would tease me. Others were jealous. None of this mattered. The fact is, I was (and […]

Your Business in the NEXT GENERATION

“Man…my kid is gonna kill my business.” How do I respond to that? I don’t have any idea of who your kid is, his character, or his drive to succeed. Is he a hard-worker or a lazy ass? Doesn’t matter. The reality is that he just might be the one running your business someday and […]

Rumors of Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Rumors of the demise of the Auto Industry seem to have been greatly exaggerated. While the auto industry has recently had its ups (the Detroit News reports 2500 jobs will be added at the Detroit-Hamtrack plant) and downs (well….pick one), the industry may finally be on the way back up. Soshable, one of my own […]

Keeping an Eye on Buffet

Here is a man that I am always paying close attention to. Warren Buffet is the proverbial icon of investments. As you’ll see when you watch this video, titled Warren Buffet’s Financial Rules to Live By,  investing $1,000 with Warren Buffet in 1959 would have given you a return on investment of $25 million! Buffet […]

Start Where You’re At & Don’t Despise the Small Beginnings

This morning I sat down with a friend I hadn’t seen in almost 20 years. So, naturally, it was almost nostalgic when I first walked into Starbucks to see this friend, we’ll call him Jim, sitting at the table waiting for me to sit down and join him. We had one hour to catch up […]

Money Can Truly Make Fools Of Us All

While doing some spring-cleaning around the office today, I stumbled across this newspaper article that I had saved from about five years ago. The article, titled  Money Truly Can Make Fools Of Us All, explores the relationship that several Nobel Prize winners have with their financial situation. Spoiler Alert: It’s not good.  

Four Stages of Money Consciousness

What would you do if you were given $10,000 right now?  … Go ahead, I’ll give you a minute to think about it…. Would you invest in that venture capital project you’ve been keeping your eye on? Spend it on a tropical vacation or cruise? Donate it to your favorite charity? Based on the varying […]